Increasing your Facebook Likes is how you increase your fans. Gathering fans can be done quickly using a number of tools, but the problem is you want to gather real fans that have the potential to become customers rather than just a bunch of Likes. Let’s look at 4 ways you can increase your Facebook Page Likes with those that can really build your business.  


#1 Contests and Sweepstakes

It’s very easy to run a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook. You can even require that Facebook entrants have to first become a fan by liking your page in order to enter the contest. This can really increase your fans/likes. However, many businesses go about this the wrong way. They promote their competition using Newsfeeds. You should not do this because it is against Facebook’s terms & conditions. Run your contest properly using an app like Wildfire or Strutta. There are a number of other contest apps you can use. Common types of contest include video or photo submissions. This contest and sweepstake method work best when you have over 500 fans. 


#2 Comment on the Business Pages of Others

If you want to get more Facebook fans then you must make you need your page to be as visible as you can possibly make it to a relevant audience.  If you are a local brick and mortar business, you should Like other local pages. Make comments on their pages as your page not your personal name. If you comment on posts where others have already commented, depending on their settings, they will be notified that you posted giving you increased visibility. 


#3 From Your Personal Profile Add a Link to Your Business Page 

Use your personal profile to add a link to your business page. Some of your friends will find what you do useful. You can even mention your own page in your status updates now and then to encourage friends to visit your Page and if they like what you have to offer, they might click the Like button and grow your fans.


#4 Invite Friends to Like Your Page

You can really give your fan base a boost by simply asking your friends to Like your page. Do this right from your page, where you can invite friends. It’s easy and highly effective.


There you have it & 4 ways to increase your Facebook Page likes and therefore your fans. 

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