About Me

So, who am I, why am I running around on the internet shouting and why have I flagged you down to my site.

I am a digital marketing ninja (I always wanted to be called a ninja for something and as I am making up my own job title – I choose Ninja). I am a professional executive and life coach, and also a budding writer

I’ve never been very good at getting into, or fitting into a box, so that’s as close as you’ll get me to categorising what I do into terms worthy of a LinkedIn profile.

More simply put, I work with people who are following their dreams, building businesses and designing lives around things that are important to them.

I feel privileged to take part in their successes and moved each time I see someone achieve BIG things. I am seriously passionate about what I do, I love it – I feel blessed that I get to wake up most mornings, strap-on my daughter, Heni, walk my little dog, Disa, enjoy the countryside and then head home to crack on with my day’s work on my terms.

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Why Personal Boundaries Are Important

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Using Digital Storytelling to Evoke Emotion

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Key Performance Indicators You Need to Track

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How to Turn Your Best Customers into Your Biggest Assets

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How to Scale Content Creation

Scaling content creation enables you to get the most out of the content that you spend money, time and resources on. Plus, it allows you to pad that with other people’s content to bring to your audience a plethora of content that adds value to them and helps... read more

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