Growing your fan base is an important part of your Facebook Page but what’s just as important is having fans that will engage on your page. This means that you will have fans that will like your page, comment on posts and share posts because they want to, not because they are being enticed to via a prize such as a free giveaway or coupon.

It call comes back to providing KILLER content.

Simple, right?

What is KILLER Content?

Good content that plays on life, living situations and interests of your target market. It can be related to day-to-day life and should provoke a personal response immediately. It relates to all kinds of content, asks for the opinion of users, and tells interesting stories. What it does is create a town square attitude where users gather to socialize and find something interesting to engage with like minded people.

If you are still unsure of how to create strong content, then have a look at some of the Facebook pages created and managed by large companies such as Absolut Vodka or two big brands I have worked with.

You can create this kind of content by defining your target market and then determining what relevant topics are for that market. Then create themed content that you can schedule so that you have constant posts going out to your users. You can use some of Facebook’s options, such as Facebook ads to target your audience and expand your reach through your posts.

One of my favourite tools for creating great visual content is – Totally free and brilliant!

To make sure you are on target and getting the reach you are after, you should use Facebook Page Analytics to analyse your posts. This can provide you with sound information that will allow you to make good decisions related to your posts.

There are many ways you can build your fan base that won’t actually help your business prosper, so keep this in mind. I’ll write something about common pit falls soon. In the meantime, taking the time to bring targeted traffic to your Facebook Page and growing a relevant fan base, you’ll see the benefits.

Have you thought about what your long terms goals are?


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