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… Pssst – I’ve got a secret to share…




_ I can help you; get more customers, build an online reputation to be proud of, dazzle your competitorssell more stuff, make some more money in the process,  and become a BILLIONAIRE (OK, I may have made the last bit up).

But, the rest is true, true, true.

How? You ask…

Well with coaching, mentorship, training and sharing my expertise with you. And, not to mention connecting you with ag group of likeminded peers and facilitating collaborative magic.

Who am I?  Chrissie – nice to meet you. I am a coach, digital marketing ninja and budding writer.

And, I am coming to a Facebook page near you SOON! Tell you friends 🙂

I deal in the currency of action, clarity and bravery! Why bravery?

Well, because sometime following your dreams and bringing your passions to like can be terrifying.

Rewarding, absolutely but also a bit terrify.

So, what can you expect from me?

Coaching, Training & Mentoring are the ‘official’ terms I guess. But, in real language (which I’m a massive fan of, as you’ll find out).

You’ll get a kindred spirit, guide and companion on you journey to success. I say success, because you WILL be successful. Did I also mention I’m dedicated, opinionated and wilful – Ha! That’s for another time.

Back on track …

I care about the people I work with!

As a result I limit the number of people I can work directly with at anyone time. This is good news for you as it means when we work together you get my undivided attention, bad new because on occasion you may have to wait a short while until you can get a dedicated space.


In the meantime, though I have tirelessly built a full selection of online training and resources to get you on your way.

Many of which, come with step by step guides & explanatory videosrecorded by your’s truly. Oh and also recorded by, my wonderful partner in life, crime and business Ryan.

He is also an executive coach, digital marketing Ninja and my hubby to be. We record many of the videos together as we bring different skills and knowledge our resources and our students benefit from a buy one get one free -BOGOFF  …

So, for now … Have a look around my site and I will look forward to hearing from you.

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